Why hire a Wedding Photographer?

What's brought this on?

Naturally - I am often asked about my prices on wedding photography either by phone or email. On occasion the conversation is pretty short without much of a chance for negotiation on either side which can lead to frustration when a potential client will ask for a price, which could include still photography, video and drone footage - the full package - and you offer something reasonable and often to beat any competition (it is a competitive world), only to get a reply along the lines of 

"It's okay, I'll get a friend to do it"   

This can be slightly annoying on 2 counts, why bother calling a professional photographer in the first place if your friend will do it and it kinda knocks any pride in the years of training, honing skills, dedication, commitment, and customer satisfaction.
Don't worry, I'm not sulking, we live in a world of instant access to just about anything and with devices getting smarter and smarter, everyone is a photographer, and if it looks bad - apply a filter.

If your friend is ideal because all you want are casual shots, nothing to formal, even in that short sentence, there is so much that demands a lot of skill and understanding of photography to ensure you have memories to look back on​.

Capture the moment

Create the Scene

Engage with your customers

Why bother with a professional photographer?

Do your friend photographers understand the leap between what they do and what a professional does?
With your professional photographer you are getting years of learning and skill. A professional photographer understands how to capture a moment before it happens, ensure the composition is right, no closed eyes and where the light is right - a complete understanding of photography and peoples interactions differentiates a wedding photographer from someone who has a good camera and is a hobbyist.

A wedding photographer is never just a day’s work, there is meeting the clients, venue surveys, email and phone exchanges, ensure all equipment is good and ready to go, understand what equipment will be required on the day and ensure spares are available in case of malfunctions and accidents. The day itself can be from 4, 8, 10 – 12 hours, physically and mentally intensive

There is only one day to get things right, no second chance, you have to get the shots and you have to be that good. Then there is the post production, it can take a day or more to get some 4,000 images down to around 400-500 images on top of which you need to factor in around 20hrs on image processing.

What does it cost us the photographer?

Around £15,000 of equipment including backup cameras, lighting, flashes, triggers, backup flashes, memory cards, tripods, light stands, computing, file backups in case of computing failure, insurance to cover equipment, liability, indemnity, registration to professional organisations, websites and hosting, ICO registration, materials, travel costs, business tax, accountancy fees, marketing..... and much more.

Photographs that will last

Then there are albums to provide, prints, social media compatible images and website client galleries – a lot of work, and so there should be, because, your wedding photos are the things you take away from the wedding, everything else is for the moment, the flowers won’t last, the food gets eaten, the drinks get drunk, what is left over are your memories, without anything decent, those memories will soon fade, your wedding photos are your memories, they will last the ravages of time, they will be there to show your children and your grandchildren. Wedding photography is what you need to invest in and it is those images that you need to take away.

wedding photography

wedding photography

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