Scott & Sara (Yuexian) Wedding Day

August 19, 2019

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I first met Scott & Sara here at Hawkstone Hall a few weeks back. Scott had seen some of my work and asked to meet up, little did I know then that Scott is also a wedding photographer! On that first meeting we agreed to see how we got along, my shooting style and a look at the various shooting locations around the venue – we hit it off and it’s been a real pleasure to be invited to such a wonderful location and a special wedding.

In the past I’ve managed to keep the lens count down to around 2 lenses but Hawkstone Park has such a varying range of locations to shoot, you end up needing a lot of lenses to carry around.
This would seem like a burden but having scouted around previously, you get to know which locations will require which lens.

For the family / Bridal and Groom shoots the Sigma 35mm 1.4 is an excellent lens, you could in fact shoot a whole wedding just using this lens – the resolution is outstanding. There were occasions where, due to the lack of space, such as waiting outside the ceremony room, I had to use the Sony 24mm F2 CZ – this also is a great lens, barrel distortion is kept to a minimum and taking the aperture up from F2 provides pin sharp results.

For the couple’s portrait shoots, to provide that look of intimacy, I used a 70-200mm F2.8 lens especially for the Monet’s bridge shots, and took these from some distance away.

With Scott also being a wedding photographer, he pretty much knew what compositions he needed which made my job a whole lot easier. Wedding couples are not models and this can sometimes be their first time in front of a professional photographer which can be quite daunting, so polite direction and a few jokes normally does the job of relaxing the couple, and you know you’re doing fine when the guests behind you start saying ‘that’s beautiful’, ‘oh wow – throwing apples, what a good idea’ :D

Scott & Sara (Yuexian) Wedding Day
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