Kitchen Photo Shoot

March 23, 2018

Two Hahnel wireless speed lights and trigger, two 80cm Wescott soft boxes, two stands and a light meter (for speedy readings) plus a 2-meter black backdrop and I’m set to go, did I pack the camera – yes – phew!

I’d arranged with the owners, Claire & Alistair to pop back over to Mellington Hall and shoot the kitchen staff, which they seemed very keen for me to do for some reason !

Most occasions, I never really know what the shooting environment is going to be like above asking roughly via an email or over the phone – it’s always hard to guess but with the above trusty equipment you are pretty much set up for most scenarios and with them being light and portable, you can basically dive in, shoot and go.

I did find out that the kitchen at Mellington is very busy with staff moving fast around the kitchen to get food cooked, dressed and sent to tables. The challenge was going to be getting enough good shots of the chefs working in the kitchen and not get in the way – or cause any disruption to the running of the kitchen. I’ve watched Gordon Ramsay enough times to know not to upset the chef.

I asked the Claire if there was an area away from the kitchen where I could set up my flash kit and make a mini studio so I could get some decent shots of the chef’s dressing the dishes – possibly!

I arrived, met up with chefs Tom & James, Tom then introduced me to Claire, Sam, Phil and Sian. 

Tom was brilliant, he explained the working of the kitchen, we confirmed where I could shoot from and the best part, Tom had set up a table away from the kitchen where I could set up a mini studio and he was more than happy to bring sample plates of food in for me and pose for some set up shots – brilliant.

A great experience and opportunity to get in close and see the team-work involved to produce some amazing down to earth dishes, something Mellington is known for. I didn’t get shouted at, I nearly leant against a big red button that turns off the power to the kitchen, but that’s between you and me. In fact, there was no shouting at all, a kitchen full of good buddies producing outstanding dishes.

Kitchen Photo Shoot

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