Daylight light

December 9, 2017

Kinda liking these weather warnings, good excuse to stay inside and catch up on those little jobs that never seem to get done. Today it was high time to sort out my printer profiles and get some decent lighting set up in the studio. Printing and viewing under artificial light can be such a pain as you end up wondering if the printer is playing up, if it's me going bonkers or those pesky gremlins are having a laugh! Well the installation of a 5.5k kelvin tube should make all the difference and allow me to spend time to concentrate on the print and not worry about the light....a few test prints and it works a treat - phew!

Getting a printer to print exactly as you see it on the screen can be a nightmare but there are things to assist in getting it right. G17 uses the Xrite ColorMunki Photo that not only allows me to get the colours right on my 2 IPS panel monitors but also can be used to calibrate my printer so the print matches what is seen on the monitor. It does not end there though, even if you get to print your calibrated images onto paper the look of the final output can look wrong depending on your environment. A quick way to check your prints are correct would be to view near a window on an overcast day, which we get most day's here in Mid Wales, but even overcast days can change depending on the time of day so not an ideal plan without a proper reference point.

Luckily for us photographers, there is an answer, in fact a few, depending on how far you want to go. Artificial daylight bulbs, LED's and Fluorescent strip lights.

With my studio having 4 halogen bulbs rated at 6000 kelvins, this was providing the wrong type of light, almost a sunset look, plus they are dimmable, so the light temperature (Colour) could change easily. Not a good idea while trying to print in the same room. So out went the dimmable lights and in went a 5000k kelvin fluorescent tube - and what a difference it has made, no more prints that look to saturated and one happy photographer knowing that each print will be as it should be - colour perfect :)

Daylight light
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